No. 10  Unique Sami-knives

      The knives on this page were not made by me, but by one of my knife-making freinds Hans Henrik Hansen. Hans Henrik makes Sami-knives unlike anyone else can. His work is highly regarded and he has won innummerable knife-competitions both in Denmark and abroad. He even has won 1st prize in the homelands of the Sami-knives, Norway and Sweden. 

        Hans Henrik uses traditional materials and methods in his work: Masur-birch, caribou antler, birch-bark, carobou lether, 
and often a blade he has hand-forged himself. The beautiful decoration is carved using a very small, but extremely sharp knife, a process which requires incredible precision and patience. 











































  HHH 1

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A small and very beautyful Sami knife. Notice the open work in the sheath. Knife is 150 mm long and the blade is 68 mm.

                                    $ 1475    € 940



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A fine and traditional Sami knife . Knife is 155 mm long and the blade is 68 mm long  handforged Damascus steel by Hans Henrik Hansen, DK



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This is a very beautyfull knife, a perfect work of engarving . Knife is 130 mm and the blade is 45 mm. handforged steel by Aage Frederiksen, DK.

                                 $ 1050    € 675


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And here is a chefs knife with handle made of Ebony and Sterling silver. 96 layers Damascus blade by Aage Frederikesen, Denmark. Knife is 340 mm long and the blade is 205 x 45 x 4 mm.

                                      $ 700   € 470


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And here is a Belt cup from Hans Henrik Hansen's workshop.  The cup is 140 mm incl. handle. Made of Masur birch and engarving in Caribou antler.

                                $ 465    € 300

























































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